Munchkin Breeder

About Munchkin Breeder

Do you know the munchkin breeder? It is a particular cat, emerged from a natural genetic mutation and subsequent selective breeding. They are short-legged cats, in which occasionally the back legs are somewhat longer than the front ones. This makes them less good at jumping and can lead to some joint and spinal problems.

For the rest, they are like the rest of the kittens and have the same vitality, and the same desire to play and take over the world.

The Munchkin is a relatively new breed, born from a genetic mutation that occurred in a litter of kittens in the United States.

Discover this breed of tiny short-legged cats: what they are like, how much they weigh, how is their temperament, what is the price of the munchkin cats, and what care they need. Today at PetDarling we want to tell you all about them, so you can make the right decision before adopting one.


Munchkin breeder size and weight

  • Small size.
  • Weight: male 3-4 kilos, female 2-3 kilos.
  • Height: 18 to 22 cm. to the cross.
  • Hair: short or long.
  • Color: All colors are supported (white, black, blonde, bi-color, tri-color, brindle, Siamese pattern, lynx pattern).
  • Other names: magpies kittens, sausage cat.
  • Origin: United States.


The munchkin is a small cat, whose weight ranges between 2 and 4 kilos. Apart from its short legs, it is like any other cat. It can have short or long hair, and all coat colors and patterns are accepted. Due to their short stature and plump body, they look like babies even as adults.

Its body is small in size, and the line of the spine is slightly ascending from the withers to the hip. Its distinctive feature is its short legs, in which the back ones can be longer than the front ones. A slight curvature of the legs is acceptable.

Two kinds of munchkin cats can be born in the same litter, the standard or short-legged ones and the non-standard ones whose legs are the normal length in the rest of the cats. Although both varieties share their docile and curious character. These cats have short hair, although there is a variety of long hair, known as Napoleon cats, click on the link to learn everything about them and see images. Short-haired cats have a thick and soft coat, while those with long or semi-long hair have a silkier feel.
They can be found in any color and coat pattern, such as black, white, Siamese, bicolor, tricolor, and also brindle. Their eyes also appear in a multitude of shades, yellow, green, gold, or blue.

Munchkin cat behavior

The munchkin is a cat with a sociable, outgoing, funny, and lively temperament. They are curious, sweet, docile, friendly cats, and very affectionate with their owner. These always willing to play with other cats, with children, and even with dogs that are their friends. They love to feel loved and cared for, so they are good for someone who wants to spend a lot of time and pampering their cat. And they can be trained from a young age to walk on a leash and go outside with their owner for small walks in the park.

It cannot jump as high as other cats, at least in a single jump. But in the end, her determination and energy allow her to go anywhere in the house that she sets out to do. They are sometimes affectionately called “magpies” or “magpie cats” for their fondness for sparkling gems that they may try to steal from you to play with. So keep your personal belongings away from this little guy.

It is recommended to keep them indoors, or with access to a private garden, to protect them from vehicles passing by on the street, or from possible dogs that want to chase them.


Types of Munchkin cat

There are three types of munchkin according to the length of their legs:

  • Standard: short-legged kittens.
  • Rug hugger: the shortest variety of all.
  • Non-standard or long legs: they are kittens that are born with the usual length of legs in any other cat because they do not carry the dwarfism gene. These cats can be born in the same litter as their short-legged siblings.

There are two varieties of Munchkin according to their coat, recognized by the TICA (International Feline Association):

  • Munchkin with short hair, the original and the most widespread variety.
  • Long-haired Munchkin, from crosses with Persian cats.

How long lives is race

The life expectancy of the munchkin cat is 13 to 15 years on average. But some specimens exceed this age, and cases of Munchkins are known to have reached 18 years.


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