Munchkin kitten

Do munchkin kitten or Cat have any health treats?

Yes, Munchkin kitten or cat or have serious health issues as compared to other breeds of cats out here. They are genetically mutated that’s why they have short legs in other words called “dwarf cats or short leg cats” The common health issues are as a result of their mutation, they have bone deformities and others with a hollowed chest.

Also, there is another disease that is common to these breeds. That is the Lordosis which means excessive curvature of the spine which affects these breeds. Aside from that these kittens or cats are as healthy and active as other cats. They are unable to jump to high places. But still, manage to jump to where munchkin kitten can reach. It is advisable to put their toys, water, toys, food close where they can reach anytime they want.

Munchkin Cat Health

The Muchkin’s health is quite good. It does not usually suffer from congenital diseases, or suffer problems due to the shape of its legs. In fact, contrary to what is thought, it is very agile and does not show a tendency to suffer from problems in its back. Bones or joints, the main aspect to consider in your care is your weight since you tend to suffer from obesity.

Likewise, it is important to take into account certain general considerations. Such as applying the corresponding vaccines, firstly, to protect the health of our feline friend. And secondly, it is our duty as citizens to avoid the spread of viruses, having the possibility of doing it.

The amount and type of vaccines to give your cat will vary depending on the area where they live. Since the development of viruses varies depending on the climate and their geographical location. As well as those that appear in a specific way. So it is important to Consult with your veterinarian what will be the vaccination schedule that you should provide.

As for the time to start their vaccination, it should also define by their specialist, although it should generally do after weaning because like humans and other species, breastfeeding provides them with a large number of defenses and favors maturation. of your immune system.

General Care

One of the aspects that always causes us concern when adopting a pet is how I should take care of it, especially that of cats since it is easy to observe that they have a tendency to continuously groom themselves, which gives rise to understanding the importance that it has for them to feel clean.

Every time they go to bed or sit down and lick their bodies, they are actually cleaning themselves, which takes up a large part of their daily time, which is why bathing them is infrequently necessary and is more associated with the style of life he owns.

If your Munchkin has gotten dirty in places with little access to him. And has had diarrhea or has stained and therefore has little mobility to get to clean in some areas, then it will be time for a bath, which should be done with extreme care.

The aspect to take into account in this process is that you should avoid that your Munchkin ingests shampoo. To avoid that it falls near the face, in the eyes, or in the ears. In the same way, the water is warm, and that the brand of your shampoo is especially suitable for cats.