Munchkin kittens are medium-sized cats, the males weigh between 4 or 5 kg and the females 2 to 3 kg, however, what makes them be among the small cats is the length of their legs, it can be said that this breed of Cats is the dachshund among felines.

Given the selection that exists for the crosses that give rise to these cats, some Munchkin kittens lovers consider that this breed of miniature cats is prone to mobility problems when jumping or running, but the size of their legs does not interfere with anything with feline mobility, according to expert veterinarians who have studied them.

Munchkin cats, unlike short-legged dogs, are free of affectations in the spine, because this is like the spine of other cats, that is, equally flexible, so this breed is as liquid as the others.

The Munchkin is a recognized purebred cat. As with any purebred, the price of a cat depends on many factors, including the specific breed, age, health test results, and pedigree.

The eyes of these cats are almond-shaped and their colors are so varied that it is practically possible to find them in all the varieties, and because of the proportion between the shape of their wedge-shaped face, the size of their ears, and the shape of their ears. little eyes make these cats a tenderness that many will enjoy at home.

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