Can Cats Get Mono?

Can Cats Get Mono

Do you ever wonder, “Can Cats Get Mono?” Well, let’s find out!

People can get a sickness called mono which makes them very tired and gives them a sore throat. But what about our cats? Can they get it too?

Mono spreads easily between people because of saliva (like when sharing a drink). Even though there isn’t strong proof that cats get the same mono as humans, some believe cats might get a cat version called “feline infectious mononucleosis.”

In this article, we’ll see if cats really can get mono. We’ll talk about how it could spread and how it might make them feel. Plus, we’ll give some tips to keep your cat happy and healthy.

So, if you have a cat and want to know more about this, keep reading to find out if cats can really catch mono!

Can Cats Get Mono?

No, cats can’t get Mono like humans. But they can get other sicknesses that are kind of like Mono.

Mono in humans is because of a virus called Epstein-Barr. Cats can’t catch this exact virus. But they can catch other bad viruses, like FeLV and FIV, which can make them easily sick from other germs.

Even though cats can’t get sick from the Epstein-Barr virus, they might have it in their spit and not feel sick. There’s also a cat sickness that’s a bit like human Mono, caused by two cat viruses. This cat Mono can spread quickly between cats if they touch each other’s spit or nose droplets. It can make cats have a fever or feel very tired, just like human Mono.

If you think your cat might have this cat Mono, take them to the vet. And keep them away from other cats at home. Also, clean places they’ve been to stop the germs from spreading.

Causes of Feline Infectious Mononucleosis

Causes of Feline Infectious Mononucleosis

Can Cats Get Mono? Yes, they can, but it’s a little different from human mono.

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Cats can get sick from a disease called Feline Infectious Mononucleosis (FIM). It’s caused by two viruses. One of these viruses makes cats sneeze and have watery eyes, while the other can give them a fever and sore mouth. These germs spread easily, especially if cats share things like food bowls or toys.

If a cat gets sick, the virus can stay around even after the cat goes away. So, other cats might still get the sickness even if they didn’t meet the sick cat.

Kittens, older cats, or cats that are already sick are more likely to catch this disease. Cats living in crowded or dirty places can also easily get sick.

Here’s some good news: Even though cats get a kind of “mono”, it’s not the same as the one humans get. So, you can’t catch it from your cat, and your cat can’t catch your mono.

Still, we should help our cats stay healthy! Clean their living spaces, keep sick cats away from healthy ones, and wash their bowls and toys often.

Symptoms of Feline Infectious Mononucleosis

Just like some people get sick from a virus called “mono”, cats can get a similar illness called Feline Mono. This sickness comes from a virus named FIV. When cats have Feline Mono, they might feel hot, act tired, not want to eat, lose weight, or have swollen areas on their body. Some might also cough, throw up, or have stomach troubles.

But here’s the tricky part: some cats might not look sick at all for a long time, even if they have the virus. So, they could pass it to other cats without anyone knowing.

If you think your cat might have Feline Mono, it’s essential to take them to a vet. The vet will check your cat and might do some tests. If your cat is sick, the vet will help make them feel better with medicines and care.

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Treatment for Feline Infectious Mononucleosis

Treatment for Feline Infectious Mononucleosis

If your cat gets sick with FIM, the main job is to help them feel better. This means treating any problems like fever or other infections they might get. Sometimes, the vet might give medicine like acetaminophen or ibuprofen to help with fever, but these can be dangerous for cats if given too much. Always listen to the vet!

FIM can make cats not want to eat and drink. It’s essential to make sure they drink enough water. If they’re really thirsty, the vet might give them fluids in a special way.

Sometimes, cats with FIM can get other sicknesses like pneumonia. If this happens, the vet will give them antibiotics to help.

Always keep an eye on your cat if they have FIM. It takes a long time to get better, and they need to see the vet often. By the way, if you’re wondering, “Can cats get mono?” it’s a different topic, but always best to ask your vet any questions.

Prevention of Feline Infectious Mononucleosis

“Can Cats Get Mono?” Yes, they can! It’s called Feline Infectious Mononucleosis (FIM). Here’s how you can help your cat avoid getting it:

Cleanliness is Key: Always make sure your cat’s litter box and food bowls are super clean. Using a cleaning spray can help kill any bad germs.

Safe Indoors: Keeping your cat inside helps them avoid other sick cats or wild animals that might have the disease.

Keep Sick Cats Apart: If you have more than one cat and one feels sick, give them their own space. And, don’t let them share food bowls or litter boxes.

Visit the Vet: Taking your cat to see the doctor regularly helps catch any problems early. If they find any signs of the disease, they can start treatment quickly.

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When to See a Veterinarian for Feline Infectious Mononucleosis

When to See a Veterinarian for Feline Infectious Mononucleosis

Can Cats Get Mono? Well, they can get a sickness that’s kind of like it, called Feline Infectious Mononucleosis (FIM). This cat sickness is caused by some bad germs and makes cats feel very tired, have a fever, and do not want to eat.

If you think your cat might have this sickness, you should take it to the vet right away. The vet will check your cat and might do a blood test to be sure. Catching it early can help your cat get better faster.

If your cat does have FIM, the vet will help make your cat feel better. This might mean giving it some medicine or fluids. In some bad cases, the cat might need to stay at the vet’s place for a while.

Remember, if your cat is sick with FIM, keep it away from your other cats. This sickness spreads easily from cat to cat, especially if they touch each other’s wet noses or mouths.


“Can cats get mono like humans?” you might wonder. Well, cats can’t get the exact same “mono” sickness that people get. But, they can get a cat version called FIM. This sickness spreads when cats touch noses or share toys with sick cats.

Cats might act tired or sick, just like when people have mono. Cats that are already weak or stressed can catch FIM more easily. To keep your cat safe, clean their things like litter boxes and food bowls often. It’s also good to keep your cat inside and away from sick cats. And, always take your cat to the vet for check-ups.

If you think your cat might have FIM, take them to the vet right away. The vet will give them the care they need to feel better.

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