Can Cats Get Mono?

Do you ever wonder, “Can Cats Get Mono?” Well, let’s find out! People can get a sickness called mono which makes them very tired and gives them a sore throat. But what about our cats? Can they get it too? Mono spreads easily between people because of saliva (like when sharing a drink). Even though … Read more

Disoriented Cat With Dilated Pupils?

Disoriented Cat with Dilated Pupils? Cats sometimes act in funny ways. But if you see your cat looking lost with big, wide eyes (called dilated pupils), it might mean she’s not feeling well. This is called a “Disoriented Cat with Dilated Pupils.” There are a few reasons your cat might be like this. She could … Read more

Can Cats Eat Bean Sprouts?

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Can Cats Eat Banana Pudding?

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Can Cat Pee Get You High? Unraveling The Myths And Facts

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How To Find A Reputable Cat Breeder

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